God is standing by
AGAPE – Perspective

1. When, you have troubles, don’t cry
Just remember that, He’s standing near by.
And if, dissappointments come,
they will soon pass by
But don’t you worry, don’t get discouraged,
and don’t cry.

Chorus: Oh, the Lord is standing by
So hush there’s no need to cry
Oh, my Lord is standing, standing, standing by
So hush, don’t you worry, and don’t cry.

2. And when, you have hearthaches,
you wanna know why,
But just remember that, God’s
standing near by.
And when you have troubles, don’t cry
He told me, that He would always,
He’s standing by.
That’s why I can share.

Chorus: Oh, I know, He told me that he would
That’s why I don’t, I don’t have to worry, and I never cry.
Oh Lord, I know!
So hush, don’t you worry
And don’t cry.

God is standing by