A Romanian Tagnet planned – Adventist.fm, April 24, 1999

Source: http://adventist.fm.netadvent.org/lnews1.htm

A group of Adventists hope to set up the equivalent of TAGnet in Romania. (TAGnet is the internet service that provides free internet website hosting for Adventists – including hosting the adventist.fm website.)

„We provide biblical materials for children, youth and adults, centred arround the Romanian Bible Online, created by us,” says the group’s president Lucian Mihailescu (…).

„Our materials are in the Romanian and English languages. We just started a new site with Romanian E.G. White writings Online. Also we provide believes, prayer page, news, links, guestbook, other SDA organizations or SDA ministries web pages. We want to become a Romanian Tagnet! We don’t have yet the equipment and we are praying to God for opportunities,” he says.

[Entered April 24, 1999]

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